Bacterial Products For Waste Water Treatment
Bacterial Products for Waste Water Treatment

Microlife wastewater treatment products are formulated to ensure the quick start up and commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant

The Microlife products designed for pack type wastewater treatment plants and urban wastewater treatment outstand by their ingredients of fast growing species. Thanks to this special formula the start up of the plant needs less time than ever and the lost active sludge during the process can be replaced instantly.

Industrial wastewater treatment products in Microlife DCT series include species selectively adapted for the treatment of the characterised industrial waste.

The use of bacterial products available in DCT series in combination with the nutrients available in DCN series ensure the formation of an environment in which the active sludge can grow easily without feeling the lack of nutrients.

Thanks to all these features, the bacterial products available in Microlife DCT series optimize the efficiency of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Advantages of using Microlife in waste water treatment

Urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants start up quickly.

In spite of aggressive medium and toxic wastes, wastewater treatment plants can be operated efficiently.

Even the wastes which are very difficult to treat by conventional operation can be treated easily.

Maintaines the equilibrium and optimizes the overloaded and miss-operated plants.

Any wastewater treatment plant can be operated more economically and efficiently.

Impacts of the toxic chokes and accidental spills are eliminated quickly.

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