Bacterial Products for Toilet Cleaning
Bacterial Cleaning Products for Closet and Urinal

Once they are applied the enzymes available in Microlife institutional products instantly decompose the organic wastes.

The advantages of the use of Microlife

Degrades solid wastes in toilets and eliminates foul odors.

Prevents the H2S corrosion in the infrastructure

Biologic digestion degrades and cleans organic residues at locations difficult to reach by detergents.

The odor neutralizers available in the formula instantly stop any foul odor. Then the enzymatic and bacterial action removes the source of the problem.

In case that the sewer system ends with a waste water treatment plant the microorganisms in the Microlife products support the active sludge of the plant. This the efficiency and treatment capacity of the plant is increased.

Microlife application is economic and efficient in the long term.Causes the minimum occupational safety risk when compared to alternative methods.

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