Bacterial Products for Septic Tank
Bacterial Products for Septic Tank

Once they are applied the enzymes available in Microlife institutional products instantly decompose the organic wastes.

The advantages of the use of Microlife

Increases the permeability in septic tanks snd prevents foul odors from these locations.

The odor neutralizers available in the formula instantly stop any foul odor. Then the enzymatic and bacterial action removes the source of the problem

Microlife application is economic and efficient in the long term.

Causes the minimum occupational safety risk when compared to alternative methods.

Microlife DCD063 : Degrading the organic wastes in septic tanks and pumping stations this product stops the foul odor problems and increases the permeability of the septic tanks. Therefore it increases the lifting period of the septic tanks. The product can also be used for replacing the biocides used in septic tanks of coaches and boats.
Microlife DCN002 : Supports and increases the efficiency of grease trap and waste water pipe treatments with its nutrition and enzymes.

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