Bacterial Product for Maritime Application
Bacterial Product for Maritime

Once they are applied the enzymes available in Microlife institutional products instantly decompose the organic wastes The microorganisms in the formula totally degrade the wastes decomposed by the enzymes by means of biological oxidation. By this method, the organic wastes are completely transformed into the end products like carbon dioxide and water.


Prevents foul odors from the septic tanks of boats

Cleans the of bilge and starts the biological degradation of the chemical wastes

Environmentally friendly cleaning products of Microlife do not including solvents

Microorganisms prevent corrosion in fuel tanks due to anaerobic sulfate degraders

Provide quick startup of wastewater treatment plants in vessels

Microlife DCM006 : Provides the quick start up of the marine type wastewater treatment plants. Also treats the smell and efficiency problems of pants
Microlife DCM019 : This product is specially used for the degradation of industrial and petroleum spills.
Microlife DCM061 : As well as decomposing the tartar deposits on sanitary material, this double effect product also pre-treats the wastewater by degrading the organic wastes in septic tanks. It also helps the operation of wastewater treatment plant.
Microlife DCM063 : Degrading the organic wastes in septic tanks this product pre-treats the wastewater and stops the foul odor problems. It also biologically controls the formation of pathogens in septic tanks.
Microlife DCM008 : Degrades petroleum and synthetic hydrocarbons in the bilge
Microlife LCC012 : This environmentally friendly cleaning product is especially effective on petrol products and synthetic hydrocarbons.
Microlife LCM008 : Liquid from of DCM063.

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