Bacterial Products for Kitchen and Bathroom Drains
Kitchen and Bathroom Drains for Microbial Products

The effect of Microlife microbial products on grease and organic deposits :

Once they are applied the enzymes available in Microlife institutional products instantly decompose the organic wastes.The microorganisms in the formula totally degrade the wastes decomposed by the enzymes by means of biological oxidation. By this method, the organic wastes are completely transformed into the end products like carbon dioxide and water.

The advantages of the use of Microlife

Prevents foul odors from kitchen drains and connected waste water system.

Prevents the H2S corrosion in the infrastructure.

Biologic digestion degrades and cleans organic residues at locations difficult to reach by detergents..

Prevents blockings and foul odors from shower drains

When compared to alternatives Microlife application is economic and efficient in the long term.

Causes the minimum occupational safety risk when compared to alternative methods.

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