Bacterial Products for Fish Farm
Bacterial Products for Fish Farm

Once they are applied the enzymes available in Microlife institutional products instantly decompose the organic wastes. Prevents the mortality of the fish from being poised by their own wastes.

The advantages of the use of Microlife

Eliminates turbidity in fish farms and aquariums.

Increases productivity freshwater and in seawater aquaculture farms

Provides the breeding of more fish in a limited size of basin.

Prevents the death of the fish due to being poisored by their own wastes

Degrades ammonia, accelerates nitrification and denitification processes in the water;


Microlife DCA006 : Increases the productivity in fish breeding industries by means of enabling the breeding of more fish in the same volume of basin without the risk of fish being poisoned by its own waste and the risk of eutrophication.
Microlife LCA001 : Degrades organic deposits in fish farms, lagoon and aquariums
Microlife LCA006 : Liquid form of DCA006

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