Bioremediation Products for Lakes and Ponds
Bioremediation Products for Lagoon

Pre and after treatment views of a recreational lagoon treated by Microlife DCB series bioremediation products.The progress is clearly seen in the pictures

Water and soil is restored by Microlife DCB series bioremediation products and the equilibrium of the environment is maintained so as to promete generation of life.

In applications held at anoxic water medium the septic sludge accumulated at the base of the ecosystem is degraded by means of biological oxidation. Since the microorganisms in Microlife prevent the habitation of anaerobic microorganisms in the sludge, H2S generation stops. The food chain in ecosystem is regularized by the influence of microorganisms in product over the algaes and the planktons. The lake or the pond in which such treatment is performed is made suitable for formation of aerobic life.


Prevents eutrophication in lakes, lageous and running waters

Degrades ammonia

Recovers soil and water polluted by spills

Microlife DCB002 : The strains in this product degrading ammonia make it the ideal product for ammonia removal and nitrification applications
Microlife DCB004 : Prevents eutrophication in lakes and rivers. DCB004 is the base product for bioremediation applications in water and soil.
Microlife DCB020 : Prevents the foul odors from water in fire reservoirs
Microlife LCB002 : The liquid form of DCB002 is the preferable product for degradation of ammonia and its derivatives in bioremediation applications.

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