Bioremediation Products For Soil
Bioremediation Products for Soil

Treatment of soil hydrocarbon polluted soils by Microlife DCB series bioremediation products. The progress is clearly seen in the pictures

Water and soil is restored by Microlife DCB series bioremediation products and the environment is balanced to promote the generation of life.

In accidental spills and especially those of petroleum derivatives, the soil polluted with effluents is restored quickly to its original condition by Microlife DCB series. Field studies show that degradation of hydrocarbons is achieved by 90 % within first 60 days of the treatment and 99,99 % within the end of the first year. These results are achieved in cases where hydrocarbon chains go up to C36. It is possible to apply Microlife DCB series of products either in-situ or at a handling site to be used only for this purpose.

In addition to the above data in a pilot-scaled study performed over the soil polluted with petroleum sludge at a high rate of 30 %, it has been observed that hydrocarbons have been removed still at a rate of 90 % in 60 days.


Recovers soil and water polluted by spills

Accelerates the composting process of urban solid wastes

Microlife DCB001 : Bioremediation of soil
Microlife DCB002 : The strains in this product degrading ammonia make it the ideal product for ammonia removal and nitrification applications
Microlife DCB005 : Helps the growth of grass even in difficult conditions like the side of the roads. Provides the growth of high quality grass specially for golf fields. Helps production soil from urban solid wastes.
Microlife DCB119 : With its microbial and active matter and high absorbing capasity it is the ideal product for the In-situ bioremediation of hyrocarbon polluted soils.
Microlife LCB001 : This is the liquid version of DCB001
Microlife LCC012 : Solvent free environmental friendly cleaning product for hydrocarbons removal and cleaning. Can also be used in coordination with other bioremediation products

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