Microbial Product for Ecologic Agriculture and Breeding
Microlife Ecologic Agriculture And Breeding Products

Advantages of Microlife Ecologic Agriculture and Breeding Products

Microorganisms in Microlife reduce the use of fertilizers

Prepared the soil to organic agriculture.

Pre-biotic food additives increase efficiency in breeding.

Prevents foul odors from manure pits.

Removes ammonia from manure.

Stops problems arising from the inhalation of ammonia in stables and poultry-houses

Accelerates the composting process.

Biologically fights against fruit fungus. Protects corps and fruits against diseases.

Microlife DCA001 : Prebiotic food additive for sheep and cattle.
Microlife DCA002 : Prebiotic food additive for poultry.
Microlife DCA003 : Protects fruit against fungal diseases by biologically fighting against fruit pathogenes.
Microlife DCA005 : Biologic acelerator for grass growth and composting process.Provides good quality compost from gardening wastes. When applied on soil accelerates grass growth, makes grass stronger and healthier.
Microlife DCA009 : Stops the foul odors from manure pits and increases the fertilising value of the manure.
Microlife LCA001 : Degrades organic deposits in fish farms, lagoons and aquariums.

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