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A Life in Harmony with nature

In the struggle of maintaining our existence only we, as the human being among the other living creatures, try to adapt nature to us. All other living creatures simply harmonize with the nature for subsisting. The technological development of the civilization that we have established on this basis during the last century has let us to assume the control of our relation with the nature more dominantly. However, our species is far away from maturity to conduct a well-balanced relation with the nature. Such relation of which the control has been assumed us thoroughly during the last century becomes more and more morbid. We exploit the nature and use its sources unlimitedly. Besides we do the things done by nature since millions of years, with different methods that we have discovered and that we considered to be better.

Moreover, we are unable to realize that by misbehaving nature, of which we are an integral part, in fact we ruin our own future. Even if the habitat is damaged as a result of the balances that we ruined, it is possible for the nature to restore its equilibrium within a couple of ten thousand years which is not considered as a too long duration in cosmos But too long for our civilization.

The nature that we polluted during last several decades with chemicals, residues and by using energy irresponsibly used to do everything that we do now with chemical processes, by means of biological methods within its natural equilibrium already since millions of years and without of ever damaging and annihilating anybody moreover.

Nature's Experience of millions of years at our service

Designing the Microlife product range we have been inspired by the nature. The idea that we have based Microlife on was to meet the needs of civilized life by means of the methods utilized by nature since millions of years. First, we monitored how the impacts that we have been acquiring with our chemical processes were handled by nature. Than we have observed how the nature copes with the wastes of our civilization. We have also observed how the processes that we performed by chemicals have been handled by nature since centuries. Than, we synthesised these observations in a form that is applicable by us.

Microorganisms used in Microlife products mentioned in following pages are not much different from those available in nature. The fact that the ones used in our products are the best ones derived from the natural microorganisms only by means of selection without being subjected to any genetic mutation. In any manner what makes them superior in comparison with their equivalents in the nature is the adaptive selection process. We are able to repeat the natural processes under our control by means of the products that we produce with superior microorganisms and enzymes cultivated by natural methods.

The ingredients else then biologic components in Microlife products also consist of biodegradable substances or other substances that are naturally available in environment in which they are implemented. When designing these nature-friendly products, we paid attention on working in harmony with the environment and causing possible minimum residues not only for compounds thereof but also for each and every stage from their packages to their production processes. Our efforts are reflected not only on the product itself but also on to the production processes. As well as marketing and distribution activities related thereto.

Competitive Strength Provided By Advanced Technology and Quality Products

For more than ten years we have been trying to ensure the sustainability of the civilized life without damaging to the nature. Besides we also prevent the possible adverse effects of the natural development over the civilized life. Performing these activities, our aim has always been to provide solutions which shall maintain the balance between the needs of the civilization and the conservation of the nature.

As well as being an applier of conventional engineering methods, we targeted to pioneer environmental engineering and biotechnology applications. We are well aware that recently developed techniques are not the methods which are expensive to implement but common and useful methods when they are supplied at reasonable prices for everybody who is in need thereof.Because of the reason mentioned above, we have not been a company that provides products based on imported technologies and processes. We prioritized the use of domestic resources in our activities. We provided the advanced technology at affordable costs by means of supplying products developed innovatively by local resources and technologies. As a result we have been a company increasing the competitive strength of its business partners in their markets.

We are aware of the long-term benefits of our efforts of such working method for our company, to the users of our products and for our business partners. We know that one of the most important conditions to establish the balance between the economical development and the nature in parallel to the sustainable development plans is the protection and the optimum usage of the resources. In our activities targeting the sustainability of our civilization without causing any adverse effect on the environment, we aim to provide the top quality services by adopting as a principle to supply not only the product, but also the solution intended by such product.

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